Village Comprehensive Plan



What: A Comprehensive Plan is a document that outlines a long-term vision for the community and establishes a series of strategies to achieve that vision.


Why: A Comprehensive Plan includes an inventory of existing conditions, identifies opportunities and challenges and articulates residents’ desire for the future of the community. The plan helps elected officials and interested parties to set priorities and make informed decisions about the Village’s future. A Comprehensive Plan can help improve the success of grant applications and provide a basis for updating zoning regulations.


Who: The Village formed a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) and hired the Chazen Companies from Glens Falls to help guide the process. The Chazen Companies are represented by Chris Round, Paul Cummings and Ethan Gaddy.


How: Research, analysis, public and community engagement will be conducted to draft the plan. A draft plan is shared with the public for review and the eventual goal is official adoption by the Village Board to advance the plans goals.


When: The Comprehensive Plan is anticipated to take 12 to 18 months to complete.


Where: Project Advisory Committee meetings are held at the Town and Village offices in the Village. Public workshops will be held throughout the community. Additional information on the project is located on the Town and Village website



Do you have any topics or ideas that you would like to see addressed in the Comprehensive Plan? Please leave a comment below or contact Ethan Gaddy at




Comprehensive Plan (DRAFT)
Front End Pages from Whitehall Draft Pla[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.6 MB]

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  • Kimber (Thursday, September 26 19 09:28 pm EDT)

    Would love to see road repairs that are much needed, also Broadway is an eye sore and I’d love to see hanging baskets or flags hanging, yards cleaned up, abandoned properties dealt with, and with being the birthplace of the Navy it would be great to have a stronger military theme or presence in town. So many homes are run down or abandoned- what can be done to help that? Maybe even offer a $250 gift card for “best yard” in the Village...some incentive to get our neighbors to care about our town. Invite newer businesses and get more tourism perhaps

  • Justin Baldwin (Sunday, March 22 20 07:41 am EDT)

    Where can we download the entire plan?

  • Olga Aksenova (Sunday, June 21 20 01:31 pm EDT)

    Hi!I am the new owner of former Presbyterian church in Whitehall(20 Broadway ave )and would like to preserve the old building and maybe lease it to business owners for different industry needs.Please let me know if someone is interested I don’t leave in a village but I love my property I bought in 2019. Please contact me at 3055903988 and 7025385978 OLGA Aksenova

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